6 Reasons Why Commuting with E-bikes Instead of Cars Will Benefit You

6 Reasons Why Commuting with E-bikes Instead of Cars Will Benefit You

In the last few years, there has been a significant rise in commuters switching from cars to e-bikes. Contrary to what some people might think, e-bikes are not just a trendy or "hip" technological fad that will die out after a while. Instead, it's a sign that we're stepping into the future! We have come a long way from walking or riding horses to cars and trains. Now, we are entering an era of portable electric bikes that can take us almost anywhere! This article will share six reasons you should consider commuting with e-bikes instead of cars.

Save Money

Depending on where you live, gas prices may have gone up by 20–50% or even more! While the cost of commuting increases, not everyone has the luxury of an income that increases proportionally. If you can’t beat the price, just drop it altogether! Using an e-bike will save you lots of money in the long run. You may shell out a substantial amount of money to buy the bike, but the price is nowhere near that of a car. A typical e-bike of great quality and performance may cost between €500 and €2500. Accessories will include a helmet, a bike lock, and maybe bike bags. These may cost no more than €500 in total. As you commute with your bike, you will cut more costs. For example, you only need to buy affordable batteries that last up to 80 or 100km on a full charge. Also, you can save up to 52% of the e-bike’s cost with the incredible Bike-to-work scheme. This tax incentive scheme rewards commuters for riding their e-bikes to work by having employers pay for the bikes and accessories. Employees can then repay in small installments from their gross salaries.

No Parking Needed

If you drive a car to work every day, chances are you’ve racked up quite a high figure in parking fees. Parking fees can be ridiculously expensive for cars, but switching to an e-bike will quickly eliminate this cost. More than that, finding a parking space can be quite a challenge during rush hours, but an electric bike only takes up a small space, sometimes you can take it to your office.

Save Your Time

Few things are more frustrating than getting stuck in traffic while you’re hurrying to your destination. If you live in a place where heavy traffic is constantly impeding your productivity, you will appreciate what an e-bike offers. When you commute by e-bike, you don’t need to worry about being late for work or an appointment due to traffic. E-bikes have a constant electric power supply and can get you where you need to go as quickly as possible. While motorbikes are limited to the road network and regular bicycles are much slower, e-bikes sit in that comfortable middle ground where all cycle facilities are available. You can quickly escape traffic by diverting to an efficient cycle path, plus you’ll take up less space on the road, which allows for easier maneuvering. With the right e-bike, you can get faster, easier, and more exciting trips to work and everywhere else!

Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

Electric bikes are precisely what the name suggests—bicycles fitted with electrical motors. So, while you cycle across your routes, you get to reap many health benefits. Cycling is a low-impact cardio exercise that keeps your heart, muscles, and brain positively engaged and exercised. Riding an e-bike contributes to your physical health and significantly improves your mental well-being. Many cyclists experience a burst of excitement and productivity. While cycling, the body releases a healthy dose of happy, stress-reducing hormones: dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. They all play a significant role in reducing stress and anxiety, improving gut health, reducing inflammation, and improving cognitive abilities. Many e-bike commuters have admitted that they noticed an overall improvement in their fitness and endurance only a short while after making the switch.

Improve Your Energy and Save the Environment

We can never overemphasize the benefits of e-bikes for you and the environment. When you purchase and use your e-bike, you may notice a pleasant change in your posture and joints. Riding an e-bike will help reduce pressure on your knees, spine, and joints, and improve your posture. You’ll also notice increased muscle strength, flexibility, and joint mobility. E-bikes are a zero-emission transportation option with lower carbon emissions, meaning they are extremely environmentally friendly compared to cars. Some e-bikes are even higher on the sustainability chart as you can charge them with solar power. Climate change and global warming are pressing problems that our planet faces today, and you can contribute to the fight against them. Instead of sticking with your petrol or diesel car, you can help the environment by using an e-bike.

Easier Set up and Maintenance Compared to Vehicles

E-bikes are as unproblematic as transportation can get. They are super easy to set up and maintain. With the help of a training video or manual, you can assemble some e-bikes in as little as thirty minutes, and they don’t require constant visits to the repair shop. From changing the oil to maintaining water levels and fixing car parts, car maintenance can be incredibly pricey. The cost of fixing only one car part could even be enough to buy you a brand new e-bike! Spare parts for e-bikes are easy to come by and can be quickly replaced if needed.

Tons of Cool Electric Bikes to Choose From

Cars come in all shapes and colors, but so do e-bikes, and with a lot more variety! As they become increasingly popular, e-bike manufacturers now make them in far more enticing styles, designs, and colors. The chances are high that the perfect e-bike for you is out there somewhere waiting for you to pick it up. There are e-bikes to suit your style, lifestyle, and budget. As long as the one you choose meets your country’s e-bike regulations, you are good to go!

Here are some hot-selling categories

  • 250W electric bikes
  • 20”electric bikes
  • Fat tire electric bikes
  • E-MTB

E-bikes are everything the everyday commuter needs to get to and from work quickly and easily. Purchasing an e-bike has several benefits for your finances, health, and overall productivity. We have tons of recommendations that would easily fit your requirements.

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