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Electric Bike Accessories Help Riders To Give A New Outlook To A Bike

Avaka Bike allows you to embark on an electric bike at uphills with a powerful motor and assist pedaling features. Electric bikes are suitable for daily commuting purposes and trekking on off-road trails. Flip through a wide range of Electric Bike Accessories and enhancements that make your e-bike more stylish and aesthetic. Moreover, minibikes come up with headlights or tail lights as a protective feature intending to concern people's safety and visibility. Make your ride smoother and safer with electric bikes.

Avaka Bike website has listed a wide range of collections of e-bike accessories, including Bicycle Brake Pads, Rear Holder Rack Baskets, Rear Holder Rack Pet Basket Luggage, Bicycle Brake Pads, etc. The best part is that you can customize your e-bike according to your choice by adding or placing more enticing accessories such as covers, brake pads, parts, racks, and rear or front baskets.

A mini-bike is a good option for adventure seekers who love to climb up the hills as a hobby. These e-cycles make work easier for riders to climb mountains or stroll on off-trails and cover a long distance in a short period. However, e-bikes rely on motors allowing bikers to stroll faster and easier with a pedal functioning system. Once you turn on the pedal assist, the motor will provide power to the electric bike, and you can control your speed with the pedals.

The upgraded feature of Eagle makes electric bikes sturdy and durable. it is designed for off-road and commuting riding. The e-bike suspension system enhances comfort, excellent shock absorption, and stability on uneven terrains. Its versatility of features and reliable performance worthying every penny and grabbing customers' attention.

You can give a more appealing look to your mini bikes by adding enticing accessories on it, including a bicycle brake pad, speed transmission gears, handlebar handle grip, bicycle mudguard fender, etc. These E-bike parts are available on the Avaka Bike official website, where you can shop the accessories as per your feasibility.

The operating function of standard and electric bikes are the same. The only minor difference is that the e-bike has a motor power that makes pedaling easier, or you can drive the bike without pedaling.


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AVAKA Bicycle Li-Battery pour vélos électriquesAVAKA Bicycle Li-Battery pour vélos électriques
AVAKA Bicycle Li-Battery pour vélos électriques Prix de venteA partir de €249,99 Prix normal€499,99
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AVAKA Waterproof LCD Control Display MeterAVAKA Waterproof LCD Control Display Meter
AVAKA Waterproof LCD Control Display Meter Prix de vente€69,99 Prix normal€119,99
Economisez €30,00
AVAKA Bicycle Brake Pad
AVAKA Bicycle Brake Pad Prix de vente€19,99 Prix normal€49,99
Economisez €29,00
AVAKA Bike Battery ChargerAVAKA Bike Battery Charger
AVAKA Bike Battery Charger Prix de vente€49,99 Prix normal€64,99
AVAKA Bicycle Handlebar Handle GripAVAKA Bicycle Handlebar Handle Grip
AVAKA Bicycle Handlebar Handle Grip Prix de venteA partir de €29,99 Prix normal€120,99
Economisez €26,00
AVAKA Bicycle Brake DiscAVAKA Bicycle Brake Disc
AVAKA Bicycle Brake Disc Prix de vente€19,99 Prix normal€45,99
AVAKA Bicycle Wheels Inner Outer Tube TireAVAKA Bicycle Wheels Inner Outer Tube Tire
AVAKA Bicycle Wheels Inner Outer Tube Tire Prix de venteA partir de €39,99 Prix normal€89,99